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cron: how to access network service/share

I have a script that logs on to a SMB network service.  Something like:
net use \\server\servicename password /user:xxxx

This script run fine from the users shell environment but I need this
script to run at a specific time under cron.  I have tried several ways
to get this running under cron.  I tried installing cron without
declaring a specific --user.  Cron would run but whenever the script
was scheduled to run it would generate a System 1312 error when trying
to logon to the network service.  So I added the --user and --passwd
options to the cygrunsrv --install command.  The user has
admininstrator privileges so I expected that it could access the
network service (this account can logon to the service in Explorer). 
Cron runs and when my script runs it now generates a System 1069 error
when trying to logon to the network service.  I've read through a whole
bunch of cron postings today and I've seen that others have encountered
similar problems also.  Has anyone found a solution to this

Gerry Reno
mailto: grenoml at@ yahoo dot. com
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