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Re: Can run.exe be packaged separately from X? (Attn: Chuck Wilson)

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, David Mastronarde wrote:

> I recently discovered the great advantages of rxvt and then found that the
> run program is useful for running it from an icon.  The problem is that
> run.exe is currently included in the X-startup-scripts package.  When this
> package is selected for install, the setup program automatically selects
> much of X itself.  Although one can deselect the other packages, this is
> tricky because deselecting one package goes through a state that sometimes
> reselects other packages.  It is also unstable because when one goes back
> to update Cygwin, it wants to automatically add all of those packages
> again.
> The reason that this is a problem is that I have made a lightweight Cygwin
> package for users of our software to download and install from.  I would
> like to provide rxvt and run in this package, along with a simple
> .Xdefaults file and a shortcut for starting it up.  X is not needed
> by my users (my programs use Qt).
> Could the run program be moved into another package so that it installs in
> /bin instead of /usr/X11R6/bin?

I vaguely recall something like this being asked before, but searching for
it is a real pain, so here it goes again: Chuck (Wilson), any particular
reason why "run" isn't part of cygutils?
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