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Can run.exe be packaged separately from X?

I recently discovered the great advantages of rxvt and then found that the
run program is useful for running it from an icon.  The problem is that
run.exe is currently included in the X-startup-scripts package.  When this
package is selected for install, the setup program automatically selects
much of X itself.  Although one can deselect the other packages, this is
tricky because deselecting one package goes through a state that sometimes
reselects other packages.  It is also unstable because when one goes back
to update Cygwin, it wants to automatically add all of those packages

The reason that this is a problem is that I have made a lightweight Cygwin
package for users of our software to download and install from.  I would 
like to provide rxvt and run in this package, along with a simple 
.Xdefaults file and a shortcut for starting it up.  X is not needed
by my users (my programs use Qt).

Could the run program be moved into another package so that it installs in 
/bin instead of /usr/X11R6/bin?

Alternatively, could the dependencies be changed so that X-startup-scripts 
can be selected by itself without invoking the rest of X?

David Mastronarde
Boulder Laboratory for 3D Electron Microscopy of Cells

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