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Re: cygrunsrv fails to start init

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Jeff Hardy wrote:

> Hi, I have installed cygrunsrv on my win2k box (cygwin
> is already installed) and when I try to start init
> with the initscripts config script I get the following
> error in the event log:
> The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( init )
> cannot be found. The local computer may not have the
> necessary registry information or message DLL files to
> display messages from a remote computer. The following
> information is part of the event: init : PID 1948 :
> starting service `' failed: redirect_fd: open (1,
> /var/log/init.log): 2, No such file or directory.
> cygrunsrv seems to be creating the /var/log directory
> directly in my c: drive instead of under the cygwin
> directory in my C: drive.
> Any suggestions?

Here's one:

> Problem reports:

In the absense of your install information, here's an (educated) WAG: you
have user mounts instead of system ones (i.e., you installed for "Just Me"
instead of "All Users").  See

> thanks,
> -jeff
> PS just for the heck of it I tried to start xinetd
> with the same sygrunsrv command line and got the
> identical error message above, but with init.log
> replaced by xinetd.log.

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