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RE: sshD fails to start as a service

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, cygwin wrote:

> > Are you saying that you did not choose "Just Me" in "Install for:"
> > when you ran 'setup.exe'?  "All Users" is always selected for me.
> > AFAIK, it is the default.
> Yes, All Users is the default, and in retrospect given that I'm the only
> user on this laptop, I'd have been just as well picking it.. Never mind, I
> know for future, and will be getting a new laptop in the very near future..
> This one will be getting linux put on it.
> So this is a known behavioural difference between Just Me and All Users ?

Yes, this is known (and intended).  Perhaps it might be wise for the setup
program to warn the user in those cases that services will be affected, if
we could only differentiate between intentional and accidental selection
of "Just Me"...  Or, maybe, just include the warning in the text of the
selection screen?  Oh, well, <>.
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