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RE: sshD fails to start as a service

> Are you saying that you did not choose "Just Me" in "Install 
> for:" when 
> you ran 'setup.exe'?  "All Users" is always selected for me.  
> AFAIK, it is 
> the default.

Yes, All Users is the default, and in retrospect given that I'm the only
user on this laptop, I'd have been just as well picking it.. Never mind, I
know for future, and will be getting a new laptop in the very near future..
This one will be getting linux put on it.
So this is a known behavioural difference between Just Me and All Users ?

> >Seems a little odd to me.
> >Out of curiousity, how are the mounts accessed by sshd when 
> it's started as
> >a service by windows? Something to do with cygrunsrv or the dll?
> 'sshd' itself accesses the file it needs and uses 
> (transparently) the mount
> table to map the POSIX paths to Win32.  Facilities in the 
> Cygwin DLL provide
> this support.  See the Cygwin API Reference if you're 
> interested in the 
> various APIs available for this and other operations.

I have to admit that odds are I wouldn't understand the APIs.. I'm still
early in the process of learning C++, and for that matter programming in
general, and as such it's not something that I have a huge amount of time to
work on unfortunately :-(
However.. Sweet.. ;-)

Cheers for the help all :-)

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