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RE: sshD fails to start as a service

At 06:55 AM 6/9/2004, you wrote:
>> You have user mounts instead of system ones.  Re-mount all 
>> your mounts as
>> system mounts, and it should work.  Below is probably the 
>> shortest way of
>> doing this:
>> eval "`mount -m | sed 's/ -u / -s /'`"
>I've done this.. Service started, once I changed the permissions on the host
>key files..
>Slight whoops there :-P
>Shouldn't this be the default mount type if it's required for things like
>sshd to operate correctly though? At least on the mounts created by Cygwin

Are you saying that you did not choose "Just Me" in "Install for:" when 
you ran 'setup.exe'?  "All Users" is always selected for me.  AFAIK, it is 
the default.

>Seems a little odd to me.
>Out of curiousity, how are the mounts accessed by sshd when it's started as
>a service by windows? Something to do with cygrunsrv or the dll?

'sshd' itself accesses the file it needs and uses (transparently) the mount
table to map the POSIX paths to Win32.  Facilities in the Cygwin DLL provide
this support.  See the Cygwin API Reference if you're interested in the 
various APIs available for this and other operations.

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