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Call for contributors / maintainers

Hello All,

I'm looking for helpers.  Goal is to get all (or most) base libraries
into the Cygwin net release so you could try to build GUI applications
that don't need a full blown GNOME desktop (e.g. Abiword, DIA, GIMP,
Gnucash, Gnumeric, Sketch, Sodipodi from or
wvWare, Inkscape, Gnofract 4D, Conglomerate, GtkAda, Terraform, Bluefish
to mention just a few;) and on the long end, to get a full blown GNOME
desktop for Cygwin.

What is still missing is the base of most of these packages: glib/gtk+,
I've already finished the build of glib-2.4.2 but atk, pango, gtk+ are
pending.  I'll offer to include these four base libraries all together
in the next few days (if everything works as expected).
Good news is, glib builds with minor tweaks and all tests but one are
passing (including all threads tests, the test that fails is based on
fork() and I guess there is some problem with the test, but not with
glib or cygwin). 

I already have offered some libraries, e.g. littlecms/lcms and libmng
are already uploaded to the mirrors, libxml2, libxslt, freetype2,
fontconfig are already Cygwin packages, curently waiting for review is
libart_lgpl.  There are some more base libraries which needs to be
included to get GUI applications and later GNOME up and running, since
there are so many, I cannot mention all here.  Have a look here for
what is needed for a full GNOME desktop: 

Many of the GNOME sources build without problems, however, there are
few packages which will need some more investigation.

Many of the Office applications: will
run without full GNOME, e.g. GIMP or Sodipodi.  See the requirements for

The basic requirements are already available now (after libart was
reviewed and uploaded), but I want also the plugins, from the plugin
requirements is still missing: librsvg, Scalable Vector Graphics.
To have a complete librsvg package, gdk-pixbuf is needed which itself
needs glib/gtk+ and it is the same game with other libraries, you got
the picture.

What I'm looking for now are volunteers who want to contribute and
*maintain* one, two or more packages.  Some are without dependencies and
not difficult to build, e.g. littlecms is a small C library, very fast
and stable. There will be no more than two or three updates a year.

There are existing packages which you make take over from me or from
other maintainers so they / me have a little more time to work on new
packages, there are lots of libraries which I have currently on my todo
list, so no need to take over the boring job of maintaining a package
which doesn't require more than occasionally rebuilds.

You may say, "I want to have Gnucash", so go get the sources, and try to
build it.  If there are prerequisites missing, ask if somewhere
available already and if not, build them too and offer them for
inclusion.  Some basic information about how to contrbute / maintain a
package are available online:

Get started now!


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