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Re: Annoucement: GCC-3.4.0 binary release candidat

Hello Tim,

At 2004-06-06 16:44 you wrote:

> At 04:38 AM 6/6/2004, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

>>Hello Hans,
>> > I'd like to give this one a test drive! Is it possible to use it under
>> > cygwin gcc frontend (i.e. gcc -mno-cygwin) ??
>> > Or do I need to wait for the cygwin folks to catch up (which may take
>> > eternity and a half :-)?
>>Please try to build gcc-3.3.3 or gcc-3.4.0 (including ALL languages)
>>and if it succeeds, send me your patches!

> I've never seen instructions on where to get the special cygwin patches,
> let alone mingw.  The public releases up through the latest 3.3.4 build
> pass testsuite fine on cygwin.  I suppose the few minor changes since the
> supported versions aren't sufficient to motivate anyone to produce and
> verify the cygwin patches.  3.4.0 is OK, except that there is no gnu way
> bootstrap ada, and the pch feature has not been ported to cygwin. Current
> 3.4.1 exposes an internal error in g++ when I attempt to build libgcj.

There was a branch for Cygwin/MinGW at version 3.3.1/3.3.2,
(called cygming33x), it includes some MinGW exclusive fixes, some
backported patches from HEAD and some MinGW/Cygwin specials to
enable the Cygwin gcc version to use the Windows API and produce
Cygwin independant binaries (-mno-cygwin and -mwin32 switches).

This branch is also the version which the latest release of gcc for
Cygwin (3.3.1-3) is based on.

3.4.0: the first build finished, but I got nearly 900 FAILS for the
libjava testsuite, every following build of libjava even failed to
finish with linking errors when building jv-convert.exe with a longer
list of undefined references.  As I tried to build from vanilla
3.4.0 sources because I thought, some of the MinGW/Cygwin exclusive
extensions may have broken I saw the 900 FAILS which is about 10
times more FAIL than you reported.

3.3.3/3.3.4: I tried to build 3.3.3 instead of 3.4.0, now I got this
error which was reported to be fixed somewhere in 2002:

To all;

Well I'v tried to compile GCC 3.4.0. My results are given for two machines
with Win2000 and the latest version of Cygwin with gcc-3.3.1.

  My home computer, AMD 2100+. No problems. Ada didn't compile correctly
but that's probably my fault.
  My work computer, Intel 800Mhz. Problems. See below.

Configure was vanilla flavored. If I remember, something like

I'd like to help and (most particularly) I'd like to find out what to do
and where to find what to do.


> I've tried to compile and install gcc-3.4.0 under Cygwin on an AMD XP and
> Pentium IV computer, both under Win2000.
> On the AMD the bootstrap succeeds with no error and I am ready to
> On the Pentium the bootstrap fails (during link?) in Stage 1 when it is
> unable to locate 'user32' (-luser32). user32 is located in: C:
> \winnt\sysstem32\user32.dll, and this is in my Cygwin PATH variable and
> the Windows System PATH variable. Don't know what to do to discover
> wrong or work around the problem. Don't understand why I succeed in my
> AMD computer and fail at my work pentium computer.

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