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Re: Cygpath: Path name conversion Issue

On Jun  8 10:14, Dave Korn wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of john george
> > Sent: 08 June 2004 05:23
> > Hi,
> > I'm trying to convert the following path name to a
> > unix specific format so that it could be passed as a
> > parameter to the Unix "open(..)" system call.
> > cygpath
> > "\\Device\\harddiskdmvolumes\\physicaldmvolumes\\rawvolume3
> > "
> > The converted path name is not accepted by the
> > "open()"
> > system call due to which I'm not able to access this
> > device.
> > Actually I'm trying to access a raw volume which I'm
> > able to do if I use the CreateFile() API in Windows.
> > I've no clue as to why I'm not able to access this raw
> > device using the "open().." system call.
> > Any suggesstions?
>   Have you tried this way yet?
> \\\\.\\Device\\harddiskdmvolumes\\physicaldmvolumes\\rawvolume3
> Not sure but I think that might sort it.

It shouldn't.  The \Device\ path is an NT native path, which isn't
accessible directly through Win32 calls.  I didn't test it myself but
I suspect that using CreateFile fails.  Prepending \\.\ shouldn't
work either since it's just the Win32 equivalent to the NT native
\??\ path which is an NT native directory full of symbol links. 
E.g. the raw harddrives are symlinked there as \??\PhysicalDriveX. 
Consequentially you can access them as \\.\PhysicalDriveX from Win32. 
This is explained in the MSDN CreateFile manual page.  The problem
with accessing \Device\foo directly from CreateFile should be that
it collides with Win32 paths.  CreateFile should typically prepend
the current drive so that it tries to open X:\Device\foo.


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