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Re: cygwin Nightly Snapshots - NOT obvious enough

>> On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 02:26:49PM -0700, Lex Ein wrote:
>> "Cygwin Interim Snapshots"
>> Whoo, racy.
>> Guess I missed the party.

> Ok, ok.  I added a subtitle to the snapshot page to make it's true nature
> more obvious.

> cgf

First of all - where's the 900 number?

Second - where's all the pop-ups with disabled exit points when you try to
navigate away from the page?

Third - when is cgf re-locating to Amsterdam?

Fourth - with competing sites like *bang bus*  and  *bang boat*  should't
the page be renamed to  *Captain cgf's bang Linux-like environment for
Windows" where innocent unsuspecing OS's are picked up and .....

You get the picture ....

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 annotations on 06/08/2004 05:14:03 AM
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