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Pastor: What Are You Preaching During the Summer Olympics?


What are you preaching during the upcoming Summer Olympics in Greece?

The 2004 Summer Olympics will be front-page news in America soon. These 
upcoming Olympic games occur from August 11-29 in Athens, Greece, and 
feature world-class competitors who are vying to become Olympic athletic 

Pastor, you can leverage all that Olympic attention into spiritual 
lessons taught at your church! Preach through the brand new sermon 
series Go for the Gold: Becoming a Spiritual Champion. 

Visit for more details online.

Encourage your congregation to adopt what the Scriptures have to say 
about becoming spiritual champions while they watch others become 
Olympic champions! 

Use these 6 Olympic Sermon Themes:

Believers with a "go for the gold" mindset: 
1.	Remember the Witnesses (1st sermon) 
2.	Remove Any Hindrances (2nd sermon) 
3.	Run with Perseverance (3rd sermon) 
4.	Reach for the Goal (4th sermon) 
5.	Respect Divine Discipline (optional 5th sermon) 
6.	Recover from Injuries (optional 6th sermon) 

The foundational Scripture texts for this sermon series are found in 
Hebrews 12:1-13:"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd 
of witnesses to the life of faith...let us run with endurance the race 
that God has set before us." NIV

Order the Go for the Gold Pastor's CD by Wednesday, June 30th to save 
22% on this life-changing sermon series, and its timely, time-saving 
collection of preaching resources and worship service helps. That's $20 
off the normal price?only $69 for your Pastor's Deluxe Go for the Gold 
CD! You save 22% on 6 weeks of exceptional, time-saving preaching and 
worship service helps, and this timely Olympic sermon topic will make an 
deep and lasting impact on your congregation. 

Visit for more details or to order 
online today.

Dr. David R. Mains, Director
Mainstay Church Resources

P.S. The summer Olympics are less than 64 days away. Be prepared when 
they do arrive with a preaching series that relates. Order your copy of 
the Go for the Gold Pastor's Sermon Series CD today. Visit for more details or to order online 
and save 22%.

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