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Re[2]: Visual Studio linking

> A .def file is generated for cygwin when the DLL is built, actually.

I'm not building the Cygwin dll, so I need this step.

> 5a) Modify the license of your program to the GNU General Public
> License, since your binary has now become GPLed, meaning that you must
> now offer the source code to your sources under the terms of the GPL.

My program is non-distributable. I am using it to run unit tests internally.

I thought that, under the terms of the GPL, if my binary links dynamically to the Cygwin DLL, I do NOT have to offer my source code up, I only need to ensure that people can use my software against future (or past) versions of Cygwin by rebuilding the DLL themselves. This includes either distributing the Cygwin DLL source code or ditributing a link to somewhere they can obtain it.

Or is that the lesser GPL?

Surely the source code will not be GPL'ed if I do not make it or the binary publically available!


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