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Re: MPEG2 SSG mpeg2v12 reports "zero file size"

At 11:15 AM 6/7/2004, you wrote:
>On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 11:01:44AM -0400, Larry Hall wrote:
>>At 06:02 AM 6/7/2004, you wrote:
>>>The mpeg2 codec (mpeg2v12 from MPEG2 SSG
>>> used to work fine on cygwin 1.5.5
>>>.  But when I upgrade to cygwin1.dll, the program always report
>>>something like "zero file size".
>>>After spending a lot of time tracing the source, I found that it goes
>>>wrong when it rewind the video bitstream the 3rd time in main().  If I
>>>fix the rewind problem, things go wrong in other part of the program.
>>>Since it works well in 1.5.5, I wonder there's something wrong with
>>>cygwin kernel.  Could anybody tell me why or how to fix the problem on
>>>newer kernels?
>>You mean beyond the obvious course of action (i.e.  debugging)?  Well,
>>I'd recommend checking 1.5.10 since it's the current release.  If that
>>doesn't resolve the issue, I suppose you could try a snapshot to see if
>>the problem has been caught and resolved after the release (though you
>>may see other problems since snapshots at this point are the result of
>>active and ongoing development, with very little testing).  Otherwise,
>>your best bet is to build the Cygwin DLL and debug into it as needed.
>And, there's always the "old reliable" .

Oh *that*.  Nobody uses that anymore. ;-)

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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