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RE: \cygwin & sub folder will not delete after failed install of cygwi 1.5.10-3

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of James Bond
> Sent: 05 June 2004 20:25
> To: cygwin

> Then all of a sudden I got  the message...
> The File and Direcotry c:\cygwin\etc\setup is corrupt and 
> unreadable. Please
> run the Chkdsk utility.
> I run Chkdsk and it doesn't find anything wrong.
> Now I cant delete the dir C:\cygwin or any of the sub dir's 
> in it because I
> get the msg...
> Cannot delete din because directory is not empy.
> I get similar msg's when i try to delete any of the sub 
> directories under
> C:\cygwin

> I am just stuck on what to do with regards to deleting the 
> C:\cygwin DIR and
> it's sub directories.
> Also I wouldn't mind knowing what caused the courrption or 
> error in the
> first place.
> Any ideas people?

  Cygwin setup doesn't do anything bizarre to your disk, it just opens
files, reads and writes contents, and closes them, just like any other
application that creates files; and no amount of ordinary file activity
should ever lead to corrupted directory structures.  So my guess is that you
have faulty hardware, either your drive or your motherboard, and that's
responsible for the corruption you've seen.

  As to whether you can recover it, why don't you try changing into the
subdirectories that won't delete and seeing what's there and if you can
delete it by either command line or explorer.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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