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Re: C:\cygwin & sub folder will not delete after failed install of cygwi 1.5.10-

From: Arturus Magi <>
Subject: Re: C:\cygwin & sub folder will not delete after failed install of cygwi 1.5.10-
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2004 01:14:21 -0400

Something is wrong with your system: Cygwin Setup only requires a reboot if something it's installing is already running when you install, and even then it hooks Windows' RunOnce startup sequence and waits for you to reboot manually.

On the technical side of what you just said, I don't really have a clue what your talking about as I am new to all this, and was going to use cygwin as a learning tool for myself to learn linux without having to give up windows and format my dirve re-partition it and install a full distrobution of it.

However on the simple side of what you said in your reply, I cant see whats wrong with my system. Everything is working fine and I have had no problems at all for a very long time.
Everything is up to date patch wise.
All my software runs fine, including games, ms office, visual studio .NET, Perl, and many other programs, EXCEPT the install of cygwin.

As I said it forces a reboot when I try to install it, and doesnt put any icons on the desktop or quickstart.
When I try to install it it, it gets so far then forces a reboot, and when the reboot finishes and I logon, I dont see any cygwin icons or quickstart stuff, and I get the corrupted messages.


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