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Re: C:\cygwin & sub folder will not delete after failed install of cygwi 1.5.10-3

At 03:24 PM 6/5/2004, you wrote:
>Hello all.
>I just got the new cygwin dll of the main site and commenced to install via
>the prefered method of internet install.
>I chose all the packages I wanted, left the Install for ALL USERS checked,
>also the DEFAULT TEXT FILE TYPE UNIX checked.
>Then I preceded top install, everything seemed to go fine up until it
>finished downlooading and began to install.
>Then all of a sudden I got  the message...
>The File and Direcotry c:\cygwin\etc\setup is corrupt and unreadable. Please
>run the Chkdsk utility.
>I run Chkdsk and it doesn't find anything wrong.
>Now I cant delete the dir C:\cygwin or any of the sub dir's in it because I
>get the msg...
>Cannot delete din because directory is not empy.
>I get similar msg's when i try to delete any of the sub directories under
>All the contend for the install or cache as it's called in the instructions,
>is safely tucked away a dir i can get to and is complete and ready for the
>install via what would have to be a local install now.
>I am just stuck on what to do with regards to deleting the C:\cygwin DIR and
>it's sub directories.
>Also I wouldn't mind knowing what caused the courrption or error in the
>first place.

The message you state above telling you of some corruption doesn't come
from 'setup' so you'll need to consult MS about that problem.  If there is
indeed some corruption problem, that may be the reason you have trouble
deleting the directory.  Based on the paraphrased message you report when
you tried to delete the directory (called 'din'?), it appears that you
were using either Cygwin's or Windows 'rmdir' command to do your bidding.
You're best off using the Windows version to remove the directory since 
Cygwin's is going to be part of the tree that you want to delete.  You'll
need to specify the '/s' flag to tell it to remove recursively.  'rmdir'
won't delete entire directory trees without that flag (that's why you got
the warning about the directory not being empty).  Or you can use the 
Windows explorer instead.

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