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C:\cygwin & sub folder will not delete after failed install of cygwi 1.5.10-3

Hello all.

I just got the new cygwin dll of the main site and commenced to install via
the prefered method of internet install.
I chose all the packages I wanted, left the Install for ALL USERS checked,

Then I preceded top install, everything seemed to go fine up until it
finished downlooading and began to install.
Then all of a sudden I got  the message...

The File and Direcotry c:\cygwin\etc\setup is corrupt and unreadable. Please
run the Chkdsk utility.
I run Chkdsk and it doesn't find anything wrong.

Now I cant delete the dir C:\cygwin or any of the sub dir's in it because I
get the msg...
Cannot delete din because directory is not empy.
I get similar msg's when i try to delete any of the sub directories under

All the contend for the install or cache as it's called in the instructions,
is safely tucked away a dir i can get to and is complete and ready for the
install via what would have to be a local install now.

I am just stuck on what to do with regards to deleting the C:\cygwin DIR and
it's sub directories.
Also I wouldn't mind knowing what caused the courrption or error in the
first place.

Any ideas people?

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