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1.5.10-3: seems to break eCos configtool

I find that running the eCos configtool after upgrading
to 1.5.10-3 causes it to fail when it starts up and
attempts to read the eCos repository (at least that's
what I assume it is doing on start up).

The configtool reports numerous warnings and repeatedly
displays "this package does not have any valid version
subdirectories" before it exits. The warnings scroll by
too quickly on the GUI to catch all the gory details.

If I downgrade to 1.5.9, it works fine. Upgrading back
to 1.5.10-3 causes the problem to return. I also tried
cygwin1-20040604.dll, but the problem remains. This
problem also occurs on another PC running Windows 2000.

If this turns out to be a cygwin bug rather than a
configuration problem, I'm certainly willing to help
solve this if anyone can point me in the right

As for duplicating this problem, here's a link to the
page I used to download eCos and the configtool.

I ran the wget command to fetch the software and then
ran the ecos-install.tcl script.

I then ran /opt/ecos/ to setup the
environment. Finally, I ran 
/opt/ecos/ecos-2.0/tools/bin/configtool to make the
problem occur.

I've attached my cygcheck output taken after installing
the snapshot.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

- Bill

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