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Re: Recent change in redirection handling?

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Ashok Vadekar wrote:

> I have a bash script that ran cleanly under 1.5.9x, that now exhibits some
> disturbing behaviour under a recent upgrade.  The gist of the problem is that
> the execution of
>         compact /c file.exe >NUL
> which used to run and produce no output (due to the redirect) now actually
> puts the output into a file called NUL
> So, I can deal with the fact that the script needs to either use
> NUL: (which I did not test) or maybe more appropriately /dev/null (which
> works), but I now have the NUL files polluting my disk that cannot be removed!
> Under a real unix shell, I've had occasion to drop down to a bourne shell to
> delete filenames with wilrdcard characters that a (t)csh would have trouble
> with, but I have not found a similar was to deal with this.  Using
>         rm NUL
> in bash does not work;
>         rem NUL
> in a dos box doesn't work, and the windows explorer doesn't either.
> Any suggestions?

Known problem.  See <>
and <>.  In particular,
the thread referenced in the first message should tell you how to remove
the file.

Incidentally, why do you redirect to NUL rather than to /dev/null?
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