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Re: Missing /usr/bin/ipc-daemon2

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Barry wrote:

> Could someone tell me a way to download cygwin that will include
> ipc-daemon2? My installation from several months ago had an empty user/bin
> directory, and it was still empty after downloading every package. Then I
> deleted the desktop shortcut and the cygwin directory (cygwin wasn't
> listed in the add/remove programs list), and I tried installing cygwin
> using all the default settings from setup.exe, with two different mirrors,
> and no bin directory was created at all! I searched the cygwin directory
> for "ipc-daemon2" in a file name using Windows XP's search tool, and it
> didn't exist.
> It's possible I never actually installed every package because I got an
> error message after 99% was complete, and I didn't try setup.exe again
> until the next day (which went much faster). Also, the setup.exe installer
> might have been "designed to be easy for new users to understand," but it
> certainly isn't!
> I need ipc-daemon2 for PostgreSQL, and everything is on hold until I could
> get it.
> Thanks,
> Barry

Let's start from the beginning.  Please review and follow the Cygwin
problem reporting guidelines at <>, in
particular the bit about attaching your cygcheck output.

Looks like you haven't completely uninstalled Cygwin in the first place --
see <>.  Also, /usr/bin is a *mount*
under Cygwin -- it *should* appear empty in Explorer; for details see

If you have a problem with setup's installation, the places to find the
errors are /var/log/setup.log and /var/log/setup.log.full.  Also,
reviewing <> should help.

Finally, if you're looking for a package that contains a particular in
Cygwin, the package search page at <> is the
place to go.
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