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Re: rm prints no errmsg if _unlink fails with errno 32

On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 09:08:47PM +0200, Reini Urban wrote:
> Reini Urban schrieb:
> >(latest cygwin release 1.5.10-3 and fileutils-4.1-2)
> >rm printed no errmsg if _unlink failed with errno 32.
> Pierre ping?
> Should I patch it by myself? But I don't know where.
> The syscall fails, but is not responsible for any errormessage to STDERR.
> And rm gets a wrong status code, because the delete was queued, and 
> fails later.
> I'd rather prefer _unlink() returning an errcode on a sharing violation.


AFAICS, a better subject line for your message would be
"unlink succeeds when DeleteFile reports Windows Error 32"

~> net helpmsg 32
The process cannot access the file because
it is being used by another process.

That's a Windows feature, not present in Unix. 
The Cygwin behavior that you see has been in effect for years,
well before I got involved with Cygwin. Queueing the delete
is not perfect, but it is usually better than returning an error.

You are surely free to modify cygwin to have unlink return an
error in that case.


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