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Re: compiling glib-2.2.3

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Christopher Faylor <> writes:

> On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 04:04:18PM +0200, bertrand marquis wrote:
>>i'm trying to build glib-2.2.3.  I have downloaded the patch from
>>Does anyone has an idea because i can't find a solution
> You are not apt to get a lot of insight into your problems here.  You
> downloaded this package from another site where there is a mailing list
> set up to deal with questions like this.
> I suspect you'd get more help at one of the mailing lists mentioned
> at the web site.


I think I've been the most recent person to work on the issues of
getting glib to work on Cygwin.  My patch for glib is here:

You can find patches for other GTK+ components in the same directory.
This patch was based on the cygnome2 patch, but works and passes the
testsuite (IIRC the cygnome patch is against an earlier version).

The current (2.4.1) version of glib has these patches integrated with
the official release, thanks to the assistance of Tor Lillqvist.
However, this does not pass the test for forking processes and
spawning threads, meaning you can't build a working thread-aware
version of glib.

I've asked for assistance from the cygnome folks (as suggested here a
week or so back), but not had any reply.  I don't have the necessary
Cygwin/Windows/threads knowledge to debug this, and so it won't be
possible to get a fully functional glib on Cygwin without some
assistance, for which I would be very grateful.

This is the last testsuite failure to fix.


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Roger Leigh

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