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Re: MapViewOfFileEx errors with cygwin-1.5.10-3 and gnome apps

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Dr. Volker Zell wrote:

> >>>>> Igor Pechtchanski writes:
> > Wasn't 20040525 completely broken?  You could review the diffs between
> > the snapshots (on the snapshot page), but I suspect you'd have better luck
> > checking where the handle for MapViewOfFileEx comes from (Win32 error 6 =
> > "Handle is invalid").
> >   Igor
> Well there are just the following changes by cgf between the working dll
> from may 20 and the one from may 25.:
> * winbase.h: Semi-revert previous patch as it caused strange behavior.
>         Use syntax similar to that recommended in mingw-dvlpr.
> * winbase.h: Add proper attributions for memory operands throughout.
> I'm not sure if these changes are the cause of my problems.
> Any hint how to find out what this handle is ?
> Ciao
>   Volker


In my (outdated!) cvs checkout of winsup/cygwin, the error message you got
appears in (fixup_shms_after_fork) and (open_shared).
The first thing to find out is which one of them produced your message
(the output of strace should help).  The strace output should also contain
handle values, so you can try to trace it backwards from the error...

BTW, before you spend a lot of effort on debugging, here's a WAG: do you
use cygserver?  If so, did you reboot and/or restart cygserver after you
upgraded?  The above looks like a shared memory error, and shared memory
is part of cygserver functionality...  I know you said that you don't have
multiple Cygwin DLLs in your path, but if you renamed your old cygwin1.dll
before replacing it with the snapshot one, it may be possible that you
have multiple copies of cygwin1.dll *in memory*.  Same goes for other
services, FWIW.
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