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Re: How to set the colors of terminfo's standout mode?

At 07:56 a.m. 28/04/2004, Frank Slootweg wrote:

  Is there a place where all these (I assume ANSI) escape sequences for
colors are listed? When I have that information, I can probably untic an
existing terminfo entry, modify it and tic it back to another name and
use that.

The one I use came with the documentation of an ftp/sftp client I use, yafc. Tis information is very hard to come by if one is in a bind, so I'll include it here. Yafc's info file says:

---begin quote


   Escape codes can be used to display colors in the transfer strings
and the prompts. All escape codes must be surrounded by %{ and %} pairs
for readline to correctly wrap long lines.

   The built-in command `ls' has an option `--color'. You must set the
environment variable LS_COLORS (or LS_COLOURS) for this to work.  See
manpage for GNU ls(1) and *note dircolors: (fileutils)dircolors
invocation, for information how to do this. If you don't set
LS_COLO[U]RS, you can still use the `--color' option, since Yafc
provides some default settings.

ANSI attribute codes --------------------

   An ANSI escape sequence has the format `ESC[X;Ym', where `ESC' is
the escape character (octal 033). `X' and, optionally, `Y', is one of
the following escape codes:

* attribute codes

- 00 = none

- 01 = bold

- 04 = underscore

- 05 = blink

- 07 = reverse

- 08 = concealed

* text color codes

- 30 = black

- 31 = red

- 32 = green

- 33 = yellow

- 34 = blue

- 35 = magenta

- 36 = cyan

- 37 = white

* background color codes

- 40 = black

- 41 = red

- 42 = green

- 43 = yellow

- 44 = blue

- 45 = magenta

- 46 = cyan

- 47 = white

   For example, the sequence `ESC[1;32myafc rulesESC[0m' will be the
string `yafc rules' in bright green, after which the attribute is
restored to normal.

---end quote

Alejandro López-Valencia
The limits of my language are the limits of my world.
(L. Wittgenstein)

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