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Gold stars for an anonymous contributor

You know how I always whine about how I can't debug 64 bit windows
without a 64 bit system and have asked (not entirely seriously) for the
contribution of a system?

Well, I now have a brand new 64 bit windows system, contributed by an
anonymous benefactor.  Needless to say I was blown away by her
generosity.  In fact he impressed my whole family, who now is a step
closer to understanding what I'm doing when I am typing on the computer
and someone asks me if I'm working and I say "Not really.  I'm donating
my time".

So, I'd like to give ten gold stars to this anonymous benefactor.  Her
unbelievable generosity is truly appreciated.

Not to sound ungracious, but I still need to find a 64 bit version of
Windows to run on this beauty.  I'll be checking with some contacts to
see if I can come up with that.  If I can, the first thing that I'll try
is the work around that was posted here recently to see if it can be
incorporated into cygwin.  I think that will at least get cygwin working
in 32 bit mode.


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