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> From: Gregory Borota

> On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > On Wed, 31 Mar 2004 LarrysPCRemedies<at>aol<dot>com wrote:
> >
> > > Igor, How do I go about configuring my mailer to no quote raw-e-mail
> > > addresses if I'm using Outlook? I could find no configuration option
> > > related to this. I understand the need (i.e., e-mail address
> > > picker-uppers, etc), I'm just curious which e-mail mailer(s) has this
> > > wondrous option.
> > >
> > > Larry
> >
> > Well, for starters, you could try setting it to wrap long lines... :-)
> > Also, see <>.
> >
> > BTW, since you don't have your realname set, pine, at least,
> automatically
> > quotes the e-mail address, and I have to modify it by hand (which I
> > sometimes forget to do).  The usual understanding is that if realname is
> > set, that's the name that should be used in replies.  This may be a view
> > that's too pine-centric.
> > 	Igor
> In PINE something like this should qoute the realname if it's there
> otherwise just the username part of email address:
> reply-leadin=On _DAYDATE_, _FROM_(_ADDRESS_, _MAILBOX_, _FROM_) wrote:
> > P.S. I understand the frustration -- searching the web for this
> is a pain.
> Greg

 WRT Outlook (not Express) I've come so far that I can tell it has to be a
redefinition of the "Message" form. Most likely by adding some VB code in
the Open (or maybe Read) event.
 Care to take a shot at it? ;-)
I've yet to learn the "object model"... <SIGH> I feel that there is funnier
things to do.

 I know there is a real good reply-prettifier for Outlook Express (it was
stated to adher more to "standards" the the original). I saw it eralier this
week, while looking for Outlook enhancement on the matter. Can't remember
where it was on the net though... (no other details neither, sorry).

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE - 59+16.37'N, 17+12.60'E

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