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Re: Questions on cygwin filemode in WindowsXP

Yufeng Xiong wrote:

1. What is the '+' in the file mode? I know it has something to do with file
permission, after
the editing, my web server/PHP does not have permission to open test.php

I believe the "+" indicates that there are some Windows permissions that do not map to the Unix-style user/group/other. For example, if I create a new file using cygwin (say, with touch), and then open the file's properties with Windows and explicitly add permission for another user to modify the file, I see the "+".

2. How do I set the '+' in mode manually? I used 'fstat' on the two files
and it shows the exact
same mode (o100700).

Well, you can copy all the file attributes from one file (sourceFile) to another (destFile) with a command like this:

% getfacl - sourceFile | setfacl -f- destFile

3. Why xemacs changed the file mode? Could it be because of different file

Do "M-x customize-apropros" on "backup-by-copying". The default behavior is to move the old file to the backup file and then create a new file. If you set this option on (non-nil), the backup copy will be made as a copy and the original file will be modified. This will preserve the extra file permissions on the original file (although the backup copy won't have them).


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