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Re: cygwin under Wine?

On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 07:33:52PM -0500, Thomas L Roche wrote:
>Can Cygwin currently run under Wine? Why I ask:
>While sounding out Cygwin users in my organization, I got the comment:

1) Why not *try* running cygwin under Wine?  The only way to know for sure
   is to actually try it anyway.  You can't rely on anecdotal evidence.

2) Please don't use this list as a fact gathering mechanism for your internal

>> If Cygwin would run under Wine, I'd be a very happy person, we
>> wouldn't need real Windows machines for builds, and we could consign
>> all our Windows build machines, their ITSC compliance, and the
>> continual stream of updates and security fixes to the deepest pits
>> of hell.

3) As Larry noted, you could use a cross-compiler.  I know that you maintain
   that you would do testing under Wine but it seems rather foolhardy to
   do all of your testing on an emaulator rather than a real Windows system.
   I don't think your customers would be pleased if Wine somehow masked a
   problem that only manifested on, say, Windows Server 2003.


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