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RE: cygwin's emacs

>On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 10:46:47PM -0500, George Hester wrote:
>>I go into emacs easy enough.  I start cygwin and type emacs and there I
>>am in emacs.  The directions say to exit type C-x C-c where C is the
>>control key.  I am assuming that is the left control key.  So I hold
>>down the left control key and type x.  I get a C-x in the lower bottom
>>of the window.  I then try C-c which is holding down the left control
>>key and hitting the c key.  Nothing.  Justy a ding.  In fact I casnnot
>>exit from emacs at all.  Does anyone have a way of exiting from emacs
>>which works?  Thanks.
>Either set the environment variable CYGWIN=tty prior to running any
>cygwin program or run emacs under rxvt.  CTRL-C is not remappable in
>the normal cygwin console due to windows constraints.

2 more options:
1. Run emacs under the X-Windows server.
2. Use "M-x kill-emacs", which is either:
	a. Hit the key ALT-x, then type "kill-emacs", then hit the key ENTER.
	b. Hit the key ESCAPE, then hit the key x, then type "kill-emacs", then hit the key ENTER.

-Richard Campbell.

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