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Re: Snapshot 20040225: make hangs/errors out

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 11:37:48AM -0500, Rolf Campbell wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>>I made a fix last night that allowed me to run this for 2500+
>>>>iterations.  Of course, I have managed to do that before without error,
>>>>so that doesn't mean much, I guess.  Backing the change out resulted in
>>>>a 'virtual memory exhausted' error in less than a hundred iterations,
>>>>however.  Odd that I can duplicate it so readily now.  I think my
>>>>computer was previously trying to shield me from the pain of debugging
>>>>this problem.
>>>>There is a new snapshot up now with my fix in it.  Please try it.
>>>Sigh.  Literally two minutes after sending this email, the "make -j"
>>>test that I was running at home errored out with a different error.
>>>Back to the drawing board...
>>Hmm.  I can't duplicate the failure I saw so maybe it would still be
>>instructive to see how the current snapshot works for others.
>>Please send test results here.
>'06 snapshot, froze after 128 iterations (0% cpu, no error output).
>I've attached the end of the strace output.  I will run it a few more
>times to make sure this is consistant.

If you want to analyze the strace yourself and offer comment, then
please do so.  Sending strace snippets is normally useless.  99% of the
time, people send the equivalent of a photo of an accident scene with
the thought that the picture will show why the accident occurred, i.e.,
the strace snippet is worthless.  I gave up trying to inspect
unsolicited strace output a long time ago.


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