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Re: python and cygwin

OK, I see,
However, it seems as if I can execute the win32 python interpreter from
within the cygwin bash shell, and it seems to work as long the cygwin path
come into play, which is "unfortunate".

I thought the idea with cygwin was to provide unix tools working under
windows, not to make windows into unix/posix? Now it looks as if I need to
have two sets of python running, one for cygwin and one for windows, and
both are running in windows! It is something fishy with that I think..?

"Brian Dessent" <> wrote in message">
> Totte Karlsson wrote:
> >
> > Seems as if I got it working by downloading python "for cygwin"?. I
> > had python for windows installed and I thought cygwin would used that
> > automatically? Guess one has to set it up somewhere?
> The win32 python and the Cygwin python are completely seperate and
> different.  They do not share anything or "use each other".  One is
> compiled for a unix/posix environment, the other for a win32 one.  The
> same is true for Perl, with Cygwin perl vs. Activestate perl.
> Brian

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