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Re: cannot make a directory called "aux"

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Troy Hicks wrote:
> > This is a strange problem.
> 'aux' is a reserved word, along with 'com', 'lpt', 'con', etc. which
> dates back to the days of DOS when you'd "copy filename.txt lpt1:" to
> print something.  So, you can't use it as a filename.
> This is also in the FAQ:
> Brian

Starting with version 1.5.0, Cygwin provides a special "managed" mount
mode that encodes, among other things, special names (including "aux") so
that they can be used in Cygwin.  Note that this encoding will *not* make
these names available to Windows programs.  Also note that this mode is
still experimental, and has to be set for a directory before it's
populated.  There is no easy way to convert an existing directory to
managed mode (other than re-populating it).

For more details, see the original announcements at
<> and
<>.  There are
also discussion threads, some from as far back as 2002, outlining the
possible problems with this approach (Google for "cygwin aux" or "cygwin
managed mount" to find them).
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