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Re: Setup: Can Using URL for package installs be turn off?

On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, Joaquin wrote:

> Is there a way to shut off using the actual URL as the directory name?
> This is really annoying, and I cannot burn my cygwin install directory
> onto ISO CDs with such a long directory name. :-(

This is a PTC (<>) situation.  I can
imagine using an ASCII-encoded hash for the directory name with a mapping
stored in a separate file, but, since this problem doesn't affect me, I'm
not very motivated to code up a solution.

> I remember before long ago that that setup did not do this, and then at
> one point this changed over to stamping the install directory with the
> URL. :-(

AFAIR, setup has done this for a while (at least a year or so).  If I
understand correctly, this behavior (one directory per mirror) is unlikely
to change in the future, and the only thing you can affect is the naming
scheme for those directories.  Robert Collins (the primary setup
maintainer) will hopefully correct me if I'm wrong.
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