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Re: help: dumper 1.10 not giving expected stack trace in gdb

Christopher Faylor wrote:

It's an unfortunate side effect of the way dumper works.  The dumping
process is paused waiting for a debugger (in this case dumper.exe) to
connect.  The routine that is used to pause is frameless.  The stack is
still available for inspection via something like 'x/100x $esp' but the
stack trace is often munged in this scenario.

Hi Christopher,

Is the routine causing the pause frameless because it's inside a Windows native dll? If that is the case, could I determine the correct amount to adjust some registers to get to a good backtrace?

Here is the result of x/120x $esp. I've marked with a double-star the innermost frame that the t.exe.stackdump file shows, and star marks the frames which can get to that innermost frame. What gdb commands should I execute to fool gdb into providing a good backtrace?

(gdb) x/120x $esp
0x22fca4:       0x77f5c534      0x77e7a62d      0x00000778      0x00000000
0x22fcb4:       0x0022fccc      0x00000778      0x0000ea60      0x0022fd30
0x22fcc4:       0x77f7d417      0x0022fccc      0xdc3cba00      0xffffffff
0x22fcd4:       0x7ffdf000      0x7ffde000      0x00000014      0x00000001
0x22fce4:       0x00000000      0x00000000      0x00000010      0x0022fcb8
0x22fcf4:       0x0022fd4c      0x0022ff28      0x77e94809      0x77e83ae0
0x22fd04:       0x00000000     *0x0022fd58      0x77e7ac21      0x00000778
0x22fd14:       0x0000ea60      0x00000000      0x61073611      0x00000778
0x22fd24:       0x0000ea60      0xffffffff      0x77f59037      0x00000000
0x22fd34:       0x00240000      0x00000000      0x00244348      0x0022fe2c
0x22fd44:       0x0000c000      0x77f5c014      0x00000000      0x00000001
0x22fd54:       0x00000780     *0x0022fde8      0x61071c99      0x00000780
0x22fd64:       0x00000001      0x00000000      0x00000000      0x00000000
0x22fd74:       0x0022fd90      0x0000003f      0x00401324      0x0000c000
0x22fd84:       0x0022fd90      0x0000003f      0x00000000      0x61616161
0x22fd94:       0x61416141      0x61616161      0x61126ac0      0x61616161
0x22fda4:       0x00000008      0x00000001      0x00000778      0x00000001
0x22fdb4:       0x0022fdd0      0x0022fe38      0x00000006      0x00000000
0x22fdc4:       0x00000001      0x0022fdd8      0x61078220      0x00000000
0x22fdd4:       0x0a040008      0x0022fe18      0x00000006      0x00000724
0x22fde4:       0x00000000     *0x0022fe38      0x6106f232      0x00000000
0x22fdf4:       0x61416141      0x61616161      0x61078199      0x61616161
0x22fe04:       0x61614161      0x41616161      0x00000000      0x00000000
0x22fe14:       0x0a030000      0xffffff00      0x61078220      0x0022fec0
0x22fe24:       0x00000000      0x0022fe98      0x00000006      0x00000724
0x22fe34:       0x00000000    **0x0022fe88      0x6106f3b0      0x00000724
0x22fe44:       0x00000006      0x0022fea8      0x0040120d      0x00000000
0x22fe54:       0x00000000      0x0022fe68      0xfffefeff      0x00000000
0x22fe64:       0x0022fe80      0x0a030000      0x00000000      0x00000000
0x22fe74:       0x00000000      0x41414141      0x0022febc      0x0022fec0



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