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Re: Please try the latest snapshot -- it is close to cygwin 1.5.6

Christopher Faylor wrote:
>I fixed some more problems with both vfork and with fork recently.  The
>fixes are currently in cvs.

It's much better. 

CYGWIN_ME-4.90 hpn5170x 1.5.6(0.108/3/2) 2003-12-29 22:44 i686 unknown
unknown Cygwin

I only have problems with the more complicated tests.
Open two tty windows, tty0 and tty1.
In the tty0 window, type
setsid bash -c "echo hello > /dev/tty1; /bin/sleep 10; /bin/echo there >
Note the first echo is a built-in and the last /dev/tty (not /dev/tty1). 
Things go as I think they should: "echo" & "there" appear in the tty1 window, 
and ps shows that bash and sleep have tty1 as ctty. 

However when using sh,
setsid sh -c "echo hello > /dev/tty1; /bin/sleep 10; /bin/echo there >
sh and the final echo hang forever (with echo in the "O" state in ps),
and sh cannot be terminated with kill (OK from the task manager).
Moreover sysinternals shows that tty1 is not opened in sh, nor in /bin/echo
being the ctty), although it is open in /bin/sleep.
(My sandbox is slightly different from cvs, but "it shouldn't matter").
Also I still observe processes terminating with the "error in Cygwin1.dll"
(exim, mutt, tty, id, dircolors). JIT gdb kicked in once. Only thread 1 was
and I couldn't get any useful info. I didn't see the "proc lock"


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