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Re: Having problems with a program after upgrading to Cygwin 1.5.5

On Ter, 2003-12-30 at 10:19, Jarrod Hermer wrote:
> I have been successfully using Kannel, latest cvs release from
> under cygwin 1.3.4 for quite some time. As soon as I
> upgraded to 1.5.5 the program stopped functioning correctly. I think it
> may be because of the way it (kannel and/or cygwin) handles threads
> because the issue only arises after making multiple connections using
> Kannel.

Well, I've been debugging some problems with kannel under cygwin and got
it (sort of ) to work.
First, it doesn't run with release 1.5.5, you need the latest snapshot.
Then it runs, but has some major memory leaks. I found out that for
every message processed smsbox leaks 4 handles and bearerbox leaks 4KB
for every 3 or 4 messages processed. I tried running it under purify but
I couldn't get it to run. Any help with this will be appreciated.
The same program runs flawlessly under linux with no leaks reported by
valgrind so I'm assuming that the leaks are on cygwin code.
Any hints on how to find the memory leaks?


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