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Beijing Yanjing Professional Cultural School

Beijing Yanjing Professional Cultural School
Approved by Beijing Municipal Education Commission,Beijing Yanjing Professional Cultural School is now running educational services for foreigners, where core Chinese language courses integrate various culture courses of specific characteristics. Teachers recruited for the language programs are experienced and expertise in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language. These language programs developed feature for their dexterity and variety in teaching approaches, lectures and seminars, in conjunction with guided tours and abundant cultural activities will enhance a profound understanding of Chinese culture by the program participants. After participating these language programs, students could be qualified enough to attend the HSK exams at all levels.
1.	Survival Chinese
 	Study the basic Chinese that is to make the beginners talk freely in the short time;
 	can succeed to navigate daily life in China;
2.	Customized Chinese Training
 	Understand more grammar items & points on basis of the Intermediate grammar items & points;
 	Tailored courseware development for companies,organizations and associations targeted at their specific Chinese learning needs and level;
Courses on Chinese Culture
Calligraphy, simple seal cutting, Chinese poet and so on. These are the extracts of Chinese Culture, learning these courses will lead to profound understandings of Chinese Culture, encourage your interests on learning Chinese language and enrich your life in China.
Btw: School can arrange single room or double room with condition and single toile as dormitory of the student who needs.

Teaching Specialties of Our School:
1.	Wide varieties of alternatives for curriculums, classes, academic hours and tuition conforming to degrees, time and interests of the participants;
2.	At the end of each week's classes, the participants are rewarded with one hour of free talking opportunity to converse with the Chinese tutors. The place for such conversations could be in the classroom or other sites.
3.	In case the participants could not attend the program after the payment of tuition, they are subject to choose other schedule within the tuition validity period of six months.
4.	HSK Preparation Programs will train the all-around exam competence of the test participants with sufficient exam tips in pursuit of best performance and scores for the participants;
5.	We will arrange after-class tours;
Contact us now, get more discount

School Address:Room 536 Building l Foreign students Square
No.3-l ZhiXin Xilu Haidianqu Beijing
Postal Code:100083 
Tel and Fax:86-10-6231857l
Admission Officer:Miss Zhang

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