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Re: Unable to compile cygwin

On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 11:57:59AM +0100, Gabriel SOUBIES wrote:
>I am still not able to build Cygwin from the latest CVS sources...
>But anyway, that's only a part of the problem. My boss wants to be sure
>there is no malicious code in the Cygwin distribution I use.
>So he's telling me to rebuild it from scratch from the CVS sources.
>His logic is that since we can look into the sources and check that there is
>no malicious code in it, if we build a version from these sources, we can
>assume they contain no trojan or whatever.
>But if I understood correctly, I must use Cygwin to rebuild the sources.
>When I told him that, he went all mad and told me that he could not trust my
>version of Cygwin to rebuild these sources, since it could 'insert'
>malicious code without us knowing it even though the sources are perfectly
>So my question is: Is it possible to rebuild Cygwin without Cygwin?

You can build Cygwin on linux or any other system on which you can
create a cross compiler.  There is a mailing list devoted to cross
compiler issues: crossgcc YOUKNOWWHAT sourceware LITTLEDOTTYTHING org .

There are also undoubtedly many sites out there available for the mere
cost of a google search.

But, then, why should your boss trust me to be giving you the right
information?  I might be maliciously steering you towards corrupted code
which was specially intended to subvert your security...


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