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Re: Cron problem after using hibernate

Larry Hall wrote:
At 03:25 PM 12/20/2003, David Bath you wrote:

I have been running cron for over a year now without any problems until recently. Typically I leave my PC running XP on all day and then hibernate it very late in the evening, turning it back on each morning. Cron would run without fail executing as expected until sometime after 11/21. Around that time I used setup to update all out of date programs, and 2 that updated were cygrunsrv and cron. After that update, cron no longer performs anything in my crontab once the PC has been hibernated and then turned back on. Rebooting or restrting cron by executing "cygrunsrv -E cron" then "cygrunsrv -S cron" fixes the problem everytime. The ps output always shows cron even when cron doesn't work.

I've tried reverting to older cron and cygrunsrv in all combinations and none of it fixed the problem. I've looked over the problem reports and saw nothing there either. I've run the most recent and it reports no problems.

I've attached the cygcheck output, but not my crontab since it works correctly after the cron restarts so I doubt it's the problem.

Do you google?


Could be my problem, but as I mentioned it had worked flawlessly for at least a year even with daily hibernation until just very recently, so I'd be surprised if that is the cause of my problem. But on the other hand, being an experienced software engineer I know stranger things do happen, so you never know.

For future reference, this list prefers that you *attach* the output of cygcheck rather than including it in the context of the email message. Attaching helps limit 'false positive' hits when searching the archives.
TIA for you help in this matter.

I did attach it as I have been a long time reader of this list and knew of this recommendation. It does show as an attachment in the digest I received this morning. TIA yourself Larry.

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