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Re: [1.5.5] perl stuff building

dominix wrote:

> {let forgive my backup issue}
> I completely understand what you mean, but I consider a community can help
> by itself, I really mean : "for some case I could help some perl
> fanatic^H^H^H passionate regarding cygwin issue", but it became
> impossible^H^H^H painfull regarding the dailly traffic on cygwin ML.
> I've gotten a lot of help from gerrit P.A. a few _years_ ago on this ML
> so I propose a specific ML as a starting point. At least it would help
> cygwin{perl fanatics} users, like you and me, (not so bad as a starting
> point) at best, in a possible future, it would help maintainers and
> authors.let's just free the potential.

If you want to downgrade Perl to 5.8.0 it is possible, but of course not
supported.  You can easily find the packages by using a FTP search
engine and knowing how they were named.  For example:
That returns 27 mirror sites that still have the old version.  Some of
them probably have updated since alltheweb spidered them, but I'm sure
you can find it if you look.

Now as to actually installing this with setup.exe, you will want to take
the setup.hint file and change the curr version to 5.8.0.  You'll need
to then place all this in a local directory with the correct dir
structure and then point setup.exe to that place.  You'll also probably
need to make a setup.ini from the setup.hint, see the archives for
"Local package mirror" which covers this.

You could also just download, unpack, and install the package manually,
but that would be -even more- unsupported.


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