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Re: Is cygwin_ROOT still there?

Thanks. A slightly tortuous solution, but this works (after adding mount
to a limited set of executables). FYI, I used a ls /cygwin/cygwin.bat
to test for the existence of cygwin on the system.

N.B., to include a snippet from startxwin.bat:

REM The path in the CYGWIN_ROOT environment variable assignment assume
REM that Cygwin is installed in a directory called 'cygwin' in the root
REM directory of the current drive.  You will only need to modify
REM CYGWIN_ROOT if you have installed Cygwin in another directory.  For
REM example, if you installed Cygwin in \foo\bar\baz\cygwin, you will need
REM to change \cygwin to \foo\bar\baz\cygwin.

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 11:50:32AM -0600, L. D. Marks wrote:
> >I'm trying to put togethor a windows version of a (unix) GNU-type
> >package.  I've run into a problem that the DOS CYGWIN_ROOT parameter
> >does not seem to want to work at least on an XP machine -- no matter
> >what I do it seems to be set to /cygwin (or a different location if
> >that is how setup was run).
> To the best of my knowledge, cygwin has never honored a CYGWIN_ROOT
> environment variable.  If it did, it predates both my time on the
> project and the CVS repository.  It certainly isn't treated specially
> now.
> In any event, use the mount table, i.e., "man mount".
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