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Re: cvs unable to remove lock directory; rm -r works


Please don't send personal mail with Cygwin questions -- all questions
(and solutions) should go to the Cygwin mailing list.  That way you a) get
the benefit of the combined expertise of the community, and b) get your
query and the replies to it into the archives, so that others can find it
in the archive search.  So I've Cc'd my reply to the list, and set the
Reply-To: appropriately.

Real reply below.

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, Peter S. Kim wrote:

> Hello,
> I ran across your post about this on Google, and was wondering if you were
> ever able to find a resolution.  I am running into the same error running
> cygwin on NT.
> Any help would be greatly apprecated..
> Thanks!
> - Peter

The workaround I found for this problem was to tell cvs to place locks for
this repository in a local directory (LockDir=/tmp/igor/cvslock in
CVSROOT/config), rather than inside the repository (which is on a Samba
share).  Since this worked, I haven't investigated further.  I suspect
this had something to do with how 'stat' or 'unlink' works on a Samba
share, and, perhaps, the properties of that share (which I have no control
over), but that's more of a WAG.  For all I know, it might have been fixed
in the later Cygwin versions...  HTH,
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