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Re: annoying dos windows when running some exe's under xemacs compiled for cygwin

Hi Robert,

I am seeing the same sort of behaviour with GNU "screen" under cygwin.

[Also posted to the gnu-screen mailing list, with no reply as yet]

When running screen under Cygwin, for each window that is open in the
session, I get a seperate, blank MS-DOS box with the cygwin command as
its title.

So when I launch screen, it runs and I get an [annoying] DOS box pop up
in the foreground over the top of my Cygwin session. If I open another
window with 'Ctrl-a c' I get a second DOS box, etc etc.

For each screen window I close, the corresponding DOS box closes, and if
I close the DOS box, that particular screen window is terminated.

Here's what I'm running:

  $ uname -a
    CYGWIN_NT-4.0 abc123 1.5.5(0.94/3/2) 2003-09-20 16:31 i686 unknown
    unknown Cygwin

  $ screen --version
    Screen version 4.00.01 (FAU) 18-Sep-03

I know this isn't normal, and is very annoying. Does anyone know what is
going on here?

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't

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