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Custom cygwin install mirror

I have been trying to build a customized cygwin install solution.  The
goal is/was to put just the necessary packages on a CD and use that as
the 'Install from local directory' source.  In this way I could choose
to install everything in one step, and get all the packages I
want/need.  To do this, I have built a custom mirror of the cygwin tree
- using wget from a linux workstation.   I removed packages that are
unnecessary, and edited the setup.ini file to match what is there.  I
burned a CD of this, tried it on  a fresh Win2k install, but no luck -
setup finds a way to generate an error but not enough information to
understand what happened.  So, I also tried installing from the network
from my  custom mirror instead of the CD.  Results are likewise bad.
Obviously I have not done this correctly.  I have tried installing from
my system's full(no packages deleted, and setup.ini unedited) mirror
with no luck.  I have checked and was unable to find any details that
would lead me to believe that building a cygwin mirror is anything but

Is building a mirror anything other than downloading packages and
setting up apache to know the location?
Is it possible to create a custom install mirror?  If so, has anyone
done this and how?  Is the CDROM file tree possible and how?

Bill Geddes <wgeddes at wgeddes dot com>

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