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Re: file permissions issues on creation with cygwin 1.5.5-1?

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Larry Hall" <>

> You've shown that files created with Windows have somewhat different 
> permissions than files created with Cygwin.  That doesn't support your
> conjecture that Cygwin utilities cannot access the files it creates.

Im not sure on the details of the rsync one yet but the archive one is clear.
If I have a tar.gz with with files in when I expand these using cygwin due
to the issue with inheriance the files get owned strictly by the current user /
group. Now when another user comes to access said files they cant
even though they should as the permissions should have been inherited.

> I don't see anything odd in your cygcheck output so you might want to 
> try to run the offending commands with strace and, if the problem still
> happens, see if there's anything in the output that indicates where 
> things are going wrong.  If you can't see anything, send the output* to
> the list with the exact command you used to create the problem.  Maybe
> someone else will be able to see the problem area and/or reproduce it.

Will look at getting a reproducable senario up and running then will
report back for the rsync issue. I was forced to use other means to
correct the original situation I was seeing the error in.

> * Don't send the strace output to the list if it's larger than, say,
> 50K-100K.  Just post it on some sight and send the URL where the file 
> is to the list.

Hehe I don't think I would do that even on an off day :P

Thanks for your time so far Larry appreciated.


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