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Re: CYGICONV-2.DLL was not found during installation

On Tue, 9 Dec 2003 17:47:50 -0600 (CST), Brian Ford <>
wrote :

>In general, you can answer these types of questions via the setup
>package search facility available here:
>Additionally, this probably indicates a dependency bug in some packages
>setup.hint file.  Although, I don't know a good way to track this down.

One way to track down such dependencies is to use pedump -i or objdump
-x on each .exe and .dll in cygwin/bin, then look for the missing DLL
in the listings.  It's a little complicated to do this, because pedump
doesn't print the filename it's working on, and I'm not so comfortable
with putting shell scripts together.

pedump can be found using google.  objdump is in binutils.

HOWEVER, this error does not necessarily indicate a bug in the
setup.hint file.  I recently had the same sort of problem when
installing rsync, and the setup information there looks fine.  I think
it's a bug in the Cygwin setup.exe program:  it looks as though if it
can't find a dependency, it doesn't necessarily abort, it continues
without it.

Duncan Murdoch

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