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Re: Problem with pthreads and signaling, behavior broken...


look marcus don't worry yourself too much about this issue, I'm sure in time as more people encounter this problem, or slightly different forms of the problem begin popping up in different parts of cygwin, more attention will be spent on resolving it. if however its totally our mistake where by some unimaginable coincidence we are all seeing one type of behavior due to some incorrect practice "we" are all undertaking during the installation of cygwin, whilst "everyone" else in the world is seeing something else, then maybe we deserve to wallow in our own foolishness :))

I think chris at the moment is far too busy to give it the time it
requires which is fine. You know with all his development work,
patronizing and sarcasm, he must be a very busy man ;)
Its not a critical issue, its not something which will stop cygwin
from working (for now at least...)

Anywayz I would like to thank chris on behalf of people who use pthreads with cygwin, for fixing the win32-handle problem and anyone else who helped with verifying the problem and also adding their 2cents worth to the discussion. I hope i haven't wasted anyone's time with this thread about threads, but I'm sure cgf will have something to say about that.



__________________________________________________ Be one who knows what they don't know, Instead of being one who knows not what they don't know, Thinking they know everything about all things.

now because you say its working just fine on your system, doesn't
necessarily mean everything is all good.

No, it means that we'll have people sending email saying "It doesn't work for me" and people speculating about how software development should be done and people speculating on what they think the problem is.

you being a developer I'm sure you have a slightly different version of
cygwin and corresponding packages to other people whom just download
whatever is currently being released.

And, people assuming things that they really don't know anything about.

I wouldn't be surprised if you have some flag set or something else
modified that is allowing you to get different results which 4-5 other
supposedly competent people are not getting.

these are just some simple things to think about.

Does that patronizing attitude work for you? I find mine quite a lot of fun.



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