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Re: Problem with pthreads and signaling, behavior broken...


Let me say it again:  I don't see the problem either with my changes or
without it.  I just didn't see any good reason to go on creating threads
after a signal has been received which the original code did.

I agree with you totally, it would be reasonable for the garbage collector thing to stop making threads and begin cleaning up, however here we are not investigating from a design pov what is right and what is wrong, I'm thinking all arash is trying to investigate is why perfectly acceptable c++ code compiled by cygwin's gcc doesn't demonstrate similar behavior. I'm also thinking why does a previous snapshot of cygwin1.dll work fine whilst later dll snapshots don't, these are in my opinion far more interesting and important questions that require answering.

now because you say its working just fine on your system, doesn't necessarily
mean everything is all good. you being a developer I'm sure you have a
slightly different version of cygwin and corresponding packages to other
people whom just download whatever is currently being released. I wouldn't
be surprised if you have some flag set or something else modified that is
allowing you to get different results which 4-5 other supposedly competent
people are not getting.

these are just some simple things to think about.

My code clearly demonstrates that CTRL-C is being handled. That's basically
what I care about.

thats nice to hear...




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