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Re: Problem with pthreads and signaling, behavior broken...

Hi Marcus,

I asked chris the same questions yesterday, i wondered why he felt he need to change the code in order for it to work with cygwin. Its a shame though cause i see as time goes by and CPUs become better adapted to thread processing that people will write new utilities and maybe even begin to rewrite old utilities to utilize threads, rather than processes. processes have a huge over-head compared to threads, and require separate layers like pipes (not saying they are a bad thing) to be implemented in order for internal processes to communicate with each other. I digress.

In any case we've high-lighted a possible issue and provided a scenario in
which it can be deterministically replicated. My theory is once the signal
has been fired and caught then passes the CP back to the application, the
resuming of the application thread and the other running threads do not
recommence as they should. i just hope cgf would post the exe he has built
from the original ThreadTest source code and maybe even the cygwin1.dll he
is using if its not the exact same one as of 8th dec in order for us to see
the same results he has seen and be satisfied like him, that the problem
has been adequately resolved.




i tried the code you provided, it does resolve the issue, however why do we need to change the test? as arash pointed out it seems to work on other platforms well enough. the modified version arash posted back seems to demonstrate the problem, and all it seems he has done get rid of delays and modify a couple for-loop arguments, for which i think should not have been changed from the original in the first place.


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